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Posted on: September 16, 2008 12:24 am
Edited on: September 27, 2008 1:41 pm

Wide Receivers are the new Running Backs

A major paradigm shift, years in the making, has finally occurred in the NFL.  The passing game has surpassed the running game to such an extreme degree in so many offensive systems (ARI, DEN, GB, DET, SD, DAL, etc.) that running backs are no longer the most coveted position in fantasy football. 

Gone are the days when you "have to take a stud RB with your first pick." A look at the numbers shows Calvin Johnson, Anquan Boldin, Brandon Marshall, Plaxico Burress, and Terrell Owens outscoring Joseph Addai, Ladanian Tomlinson, Steven Jackson, Marshawn Lynch, and Clinton Portis.  In point per reception (PPR) leagues, the predominant scoring system for high stakes leagues, the difference is even more extreme.  In fact, in PPR leagues, Barber and Westbrook are the only RBs to crack the top 10!  Moving forward this year, fantasy owners need to trade their top RBs for explosive WRs before other owners catch on.  Looking ahead to next year, fantasy owners must modify their draft strategies -- stocking up on impact WRs while ignoring the ultra-expensive "stud backs."  A fantasy owner is much better off with a team configuration that looks something like this: Romo, T.O., Fitzgerald, Brandon Jacobs, and Julius Jones, rather than a configuration that looks like this: Ladanian Tomlinson, Larry Johnson, Brees, Cotchery, and Coles.

Incredibly, with the running back disease currently plaguing fantasy football, you were better off with the last pick in the draft than the 1st pick this year!!!

Note: auction drafts are replacing "snake drafts" nation wide, but even in auction drafts, running backs were going for irrational prices.

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